Buy Modafinil UK: which vendor provides next day delivery?

buy modafinil uk next day deliveryWhat’s The Deal With Buying Modafinil In The UK?

The truth, whether people like or not, is that more and more people in the UK are buying modafinil online.

From business people, through to students, through to people with medical conditions, it’s enticing effects and low risk for dependency are making it an increasingly intelligent option to take.

But what’s the deal with buying modafinil in the UK? Is it possible to buy modafinil, UK next today delivery included from within side UK, or do you have to import it?

 It’s a slightly complicated subject, so let’s delve into why you could benefit from buying modafinil, and as a UK resident, where you stand legally on buying it.

1 In 4 UK Students Are Buying Modafinil Modafinil Study Drug

One of the biggest groups of people currently buying modafinil, mostly through importing it into the United Kingdom, are students.

It’s hardly surprising when both Oxford University and Harvard Medical School have concluded through research into 24 independent studies, that modafinil helps to improve planning, flexibility, decision-making, creativity and memory.


So not only is it a “smart drug”, but it appears modafinil can really help to improve cognitive functions, but not the cost of nasty side-effects or addiction. 

In fact, an anonymous study at Oxford University found that one in four students there were actively taking modafinil in order to improve their ability to learn and perform. That’s a staggering amount, and shows the scale of this little-known drug and market.

But where are all these students getting modafinil from, as it is a controlled substance in the UK, only legally available on prescription for sufferers of narcolepsy?

The Legal Status Of Modafinil In The UK

If thousands of students at one of Britain’s top universities are getting their hands on modafinil, then how are they doing it without getting into legal difficulties?

Well, it’s all about the status of modafinil in UK law in terms of buying it in the country, or importing it.

Although some see it as a problem, it also appears to be a bit of a bonus that UK law is not particularly clear on the status of modafinil.

You have to have a prescription from the UK doctor to get modafinil legally in the UK. The only way to get that prescription is to suffer from narcolepsy.

Although it’s a controlled substance, modafinil is not covered under the UK misuse of drugs act (1971). Which means although you can only get legally in the country with a prescription, it’s not illegal to possess it.

However, the 2016 Psychoactive Substances Act does make it illegal to possess, import or sell a new range of drugs not covered under the original act, because they are not narcotics. The grey area in this is whether modafinil is covered by the Psychoactive Substances Act at all.

So when it comes to importing modafinil into the UK, which is how most students especially are doing it, it depends on how the Psychoactive Substances Act is being interpreted.

So It’s Safe To Import Modafinil Into The UK? Uk customs modafinil seized

As we have just discussed, modafinil lays in a grey area in the UK law. It’s all about interpretation under the 2016 Psychoactive Substances Act.

But the important thing for anyone considering buying modafinil is that thousands of people in the UK already are. If all of these people were getting their consignments confiscated by border customs, and if these people were being pulled out of their beds and placed under arrest, the Internet would be awash with the stories. It’s not.

The worst-case scenario appears to be that customs will send you a letter saying you will need to provide evidence of a prescription to claim your delivery. Obviously, you will not have one, so it will be destroyed and you will be notified. But that’s it. It can’t be happening often, otherwise reputable companies would not be shipping to the UK.

As an example of how the opposite is true, a highly reputable modafinil seller,, has recently extended their services to allow people to buy modafinil with UK next day delivery. As they are based in Europe, and are openly offering the service, allowing order tracking, and using the Royal Mail next day special delivery service, then it would be a business decision that would be insane unless they were aware the orders would be delivered and people would not face consequences.

So the bottom line here appears to be that when reputable European modafinil sellers are allowing people to use Provigil delivery services then the truth is there is virtually no risk to importing a moderate amount of modafinil for personal use into the UK.

What About Getting Caught Using Modafinil?
buy modafinil UK legal status

Some UK students who are already using imported modafinil to enhance their learning capabilities, something that is becoming increasingly frequent when end of year exams and finals are imminent, do ask if they could get into trouble if they are found using modafinil.

The bottom line here is that modafinil is not a narcotic. It’s not amphetamine-based. As we’ve already mentioned, current research points to significant mental benefits with very few side-effects.

It’s also not even clear if modafinil is illegal to import into the UK, or to possess, due to the fact it’s not certain if it’s covered under the relevant UK legislation.

So unless your employer or university specifically mentions in your contract of employment that you cannot use any performance-enhancing substance, and more importantly unless they have a way of testing for the presence of that substance to prove you have taken it, something currently almost impossible to do with modafinil as it’s not covered in any standard panel drug test kit, then you will be absolutely fine.

Which means the great news generally is that it is safe to use and delivers a great short-term benefit, importing it is probably not illegal anyway, and there is virtually no way you could be caught using it and suffer any consequences.

But now we have cleared up all those concerns, what’s the best and safest way to get hold of modafinil?

Where To Buy Modafinil (UK Next Day Delivery by 1 pm) Modvigil Vs Modalert

The key to buying overseas modafinil, and getting it delivered to the UK, is to pick reputable companies with a good track record, and who offer high-quality modafinil.

Surprisingly these companies aren’t that common. There are a few reputable sellers, and the tell-tale signs of quality are usually obvious:

  1. Confidence in delivering modafinil is the first sign of quality. For example, as we’ve already mentioned, (now have just started allowing people to buy modafinil with UK next day delivery. They wouldn’t be doing that they weren’t pretty certain it would be delivered safely. It’s the same with other reputable sellers, not only will they offer a wide range of delivery services, but they will also have a guarantee on refunds if you don’t get your item.
  1. A reputable company will show trust with their customers by offering multiple payment methods. Going to our previous example from (now, they ship cryptocurrency orders the same day, while bank orders usually take one working day to process. The fact that reputable sellers now accept anonymous crypto currency payments is obviously a good sign of the companies investing in its infrastructure and trust.
  1. You are looking for a reputable online modafinil seller who offers confidence through information and order tracking. (now, for example also allow you to track your order through a self-service status page, complete with tracking numbers if you use the UK next day delivery option. Again, this shows quality and you are not left wondering what’s going on as soon as you have clicked pay.
  1. The quality of the product will be obvious. It may not be the cheapest, but you will be getting high quality, real modafinil. Not some cheaply made fake, or somebody dropshipping it from India for example. These companies will have their own stocks, their own guarantees, and you can be pretty certain you will not be disappointed.

So What’s Not To Like About Modafinil?

It appears too good to be true, but the evidence seems to be that it’s not and that modafinil carries real benefits at a low risk in every way.

Modafinil can really give you a cutting-edge when it comes to studying or working. In a competitive environment, people are being left behind now if they don’t use it at key times. And with minimal side-effects, it appears a safe choice for most people.



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