Buy Modafinil in Ireland: Is it Legal and Safe without a prescription?

order modafinil ireland without prescription

Whether you’ve been living in Ireland for one year or your whole life, you will have heard all about Provigil (Teva); this is the brand name for Modafinil. After being developed in France in the 1970s, Modafinil was created to treat narcolepsy. For those who were prone to falling asleep anywhere and everywhere, it came as a huge relief and it changed the industry.

However, as technology has developed and we’ve been allowed to learn more about medication, many students and industry experts believe the benefits of Modafinil could actually run deeper. When used off-label, early reports suggest improved productivity, heightened concentration, and an increase in motivation. Of course, these all occur while providing the intended benefit of reducing the need for rest.

In today’s world, life can be tough whether it’s career-wise or personally. With job security lower than ever, we’re all looking for improved health, a stronger career, and better relationships. At this point, we must say that the off-label benefits of Modafinil haven’t yet been approved because the research is ongoing. Yet, it seems as though more and more people are crawling the internet trying to find the product to improve cognitive function.

Today, we want to discuss the ways you can obtain Modafinil in Ireland and we have three main methods.

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Buy Provigil in Ireland Method #1: Visit the Doctor

Although it sounds obvious, the first solution would be to visit your doctor and get a prescription. By doing this, you aren’t breaking the law and the product can be picked up at your local pharmacy because they should store it. On the flip side, because off-label use hasn’t been approved, Modafinil is only available for those with narcolepsy, medical tests will be required, and prescriptions can be expensive.

If you visit a pharmacy in Ireland, you won’t be able to purchase Modafinil without a prescription because the law changed on this back in 2008. Out of the three options, we’re going to provide today, the doctor will clearly be the most legitimate method of obtaining the drug but it poses somewhat of a moral dilemma since it can only be prescribed to those with narcolepsy.

Finding Proof – Currently, Modafinil is relatively expensive which means that most family doctors won’t have the facilities to offer the prescription themselves. Instead, you’ll be referred for extra medical tests in an attempt to diagnose the narcolepsy accurately. If you don’t suffer from narcolepsy, this can bring problems immediately because you’ll be talking to specialists with years of experience in the field. After seeing a neurologist, you might even be asked to participate in a sleep study.

Maintenance – If you’re lucky enough to get the prescription, it soon gets expensive to fill it because each pill is now around €3 (expensive, right?).

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Purchase Modafinil in Ireland Method #2: Forwarding Service from India

can modafinil help relief depressionWith this second option, you won’t need a prescription and the product is significantly cheaper in India. In terms of drawbacks, there aren’t many vendors who ship directly to Ireland, customs in other countries (such as the UK) might seize your package, forwarding services can be expensive, delivery can take weeks, and packages can easily get lost in transit.

If we look to the market right now, Skypax seems to be the best option for Modafinil in Ireland. To take advantage of the service, you need to sign up for parcel forwarding and this essentially means your package will come from India via the UK. If you’re willing to pay, you’ll be provided with a UK address and the vendor in India will send the package here. After this, a new label will get placed on the box and you’ll receive it soon after.

In theory, this is a fantastic solution but it doesn’t always work as panned (as many before you have discovered!). Over time, we’ve learned that the pills need to be stated as ‘health supplements’ but the biggest issue comes from insecurity and pricing.

Dealing with the latter first, you’ll need to pay £12 to sign up before then paying for the reshipping which can reach £30 quite easily. Although the price of the product is cheaper in India, the amount you pay for shipping to Ireland counteracts this and you rarely end up saving any money.

As mentioned previously, there’s also a risk that your package will be highlighted during the various checks that happen in customs in the UK. With the number of fake and dangerous pills making their way into Europe in recent years, customs officers seem to be on high alert and they retain the right to remove and open any suspicious package.

Update June 20218: we recently received news of a customer using ParcelMotel forwarding service who got his order seized.
The packaged was not confiscated by Irish customs but by the fowarder itself. Apparently, they Xray scan each package before delivering it!


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Buy Modalert in Ireland Method #3: European Modafinil Vendor

become almighty with modafinilFinally, we have what we believe is the best option if you want to get your hands on Modafinil and it comes in the shape of a European vendor. In truth, there are numerous benefits to choosing this method including the fact you don’t need a prescription and there are many vendors that ship straight to Ireland. With this, you don’t have to worry about huge shipping charges, the package should come right to your address, and the package won’t go through customs.

Furthermore, the prices will be much cheaper compared to your local pharmacy and the package should reach your home within a few short days rather than waiting a number of weeks or having to fake narcolepsy (which is likely to fail!). In terms of your order itself, we recommend trying 150mg of Waklert and 200mg of Sun Modalert to start.

In terms of drawbacks to choosing this method, the only one would be the higher price compared to India…but only for the raw product. If the pricing includes shipping and getting the package to your door, this is much cheaper than the other options.

At the moment, you could say the options within the EU are limited so you might need to do a little bit of investigating. If you manage to find a vendor, don’t just rush into the decision because we advise some research. Grab a notebook, write down some simple information about the vendor, check online reviews, and take your time with the decision. If you then feel comfortable they’ll deliver on their promise, you can move forward with confidence.  

When it comes to Modafinil in Ireland, we highly recommend because they’re trusted, reliable, and efficient with their service. Just recently, they actually built a shipping center in Germany (besides the one in the UK) to keep up with demand so you should receive your delivery in quick time!

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