Buy Modafinil in the UK: legal or not?

Provigil UK: Can You Buy Modafinil Legally In The UK?

buy modafinil UK legal statusOne of the key Nootropics (“smart drugs”) out there is Modafinil. It is highly sought after and is becoming ever more popular, with many mainstream newspapers and magazines running articles about the effects, the safety and the increasing popularity, especially amongst students.

Developed in France in the 1970’s, Modafinil was designed to help people who had specific conditions, such as narcolepsy and other sleep disorders, and also for people who suffered from sleep disturbances. In some countries it is also now prescribed for people with ADHD, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

It quickly became obvious that Modafinil had a wider set of potential uses than just to help people with certain disorders. More and more people were discovering the benefits of using it to increase their personal performance levels both mentally and physically.

So it’s little wonder that this drug has a growing reputation as a tool to help sharpen focus, motivation and energy levels, increasing the chances of peak performance. That’s why it’s such a hit amongst the student population, because it can increase the ability to focus on a specific task and therefore increase the amount of time you can devote to solid study work.

Therefore it’s no real surprise that a rapidly increasing number of people in the UK are looking to buy Provigil. And with that increase in people looking to buy the smart drug, comes a potential increase in focus from the authorities, and also a growing concern about its legality in the UK.

But what is the legal status of Modafinil in the UK, and where do you stand if you try to buy from within the UK, or to import it from an overseas seller?



The Lowdown On Modafinil Under UK Lawmodafiinil UK law

Now pay attention, because this could get a little complicated!
The official brand name for Modafinil in the UK is Provigil.
This is the name under which it is sold under prescription (or for free if you are entitled to free NHS prescriptions).

It is prescribed through UK GP’s (General Practitioners: Doctors) only for a single recognized purpose, to help with the treatment of narcolepsy. To get prescribed Provigil you will have to be diagnosed with narcolepsy, and prove that the sleepiness associated with it is having an impact on your quality of life.

So the bottom line here is that unless you are falling asleep all the time then you are not going to get Modafinil through official channels under UK law.

But, this is where it gets confusing and legally dubious. Some would say it’s a legal loophole.

You can be in possession of a prescription only medicine (POM) legally unless that medicine/drug is covered by the UK misuse of drugs act (1971).

As you have already read, because of its prescribed purpose, under UK law Modafinil is a prescription only medicine.

But this is the important part…

Modafinil is not covered by the UK misuse of drugs act

So to answer the first big question people ask around the legality of Modafinil in the UK, as you can see, it’s not illegal under UK law to be in possession of Modafinil.

And to answer the second common question, is it legal to import Modafinil into the UK, well the answer is “No, but you should be okay”. But let’s look at why.

Modafinil & The Psychoactive Substances Act 2016

Modafinil and the Psychoactive Substances Act 2016As you have just read, it’s not illegal to possess Modafinil in the UK. Also, as Modafinil (Provigil) is not a controlled drug under UK law, then importing it is not illegal either as it is a officially prescribed medication, as long as you have a prescription for it. Importing it without a prescription is more of a gray area.

And where things get even more complicated is around the new UK legislation, the Psychoactive Substances Act 2016.

This legislation was introduced into UK law to ban so-called “legal highs”. Artificially created drugs which caused a string of deaths in the UK. These are usually poorly constructed chemical enhancers that are not tested and are churned out in home drug factories, and quite rightly have caused concern around their widespread adaption and the claims around them.

The problem is that it if you look at the scope of the psychoactive substances act, it could very well also be interpreted to cover Nootropics. This is because of how it’s possible to interpret Nooptropics such as Modafinil within the specific wording of the act:

“A substance must be capable of having a psychoactive effect to be covered by the new legislation. A psychoactive effect is something which affects a person’s medical functioning or emotional state by stimulating or depressing the nervous system…”

 Now as you can see by reading that, it could easily be interpreted that Modafinil is potentially covered by that legislation, which obviously makes things a lot more complicated in terms of purchasing it from abroad, well more complicated if you’re caught.

Basically, the act bans the import, export, supply and production of such substances in the UK. If you are caught under the jurisdiction of this law then you could be imprisoned for up to 7 years.

So as you can see this could be a big issue if the law is interpreted to include the import of Modafinil.

It’s important to note at this point that the act does not cover the possession of such psychoactive substances. So you can’t be arrested for being in possession of Modafinil even under this 2016 UK legislation.

But the bottom line is that if you import Modafinil into the UK and it is opened by Customs & Excise, then you could be contacted and asked to produce a UK NHS prescription for that prescribed medication. If you can’t then you could potentially be open to prosecution.

Importing Modafinil Into The UK For Personal Use

Provigil BenefitsThere is however significant hope for people who want to experience the benefits of Modafinil in the UK, but who do not want  to fall foul of UK law.

The bottom line is that thousands of people purchase small quantities of Modafinil based products and import them into UK every week. But there are not thousands of people getting arrested every week and internet forums are not collapsing under the weight of people going on about fines, arrest and imprisonment.

With all that in mind, I think it’s safe to assume that you would have to be incredibly unlucky to be caught, and even more unlucky to actually be charged.

What appears to be evident from the frequently asked questions on most overseas Modafinil sellers websites is that the most that will happen from that experience is you will just never receive the item and not know what happened to it. This is because basically UK custom officials found it and destroyed it but did not bother to contact you because they know the chances of any prosecution, and the financial cost of doing so would be pointless.

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How To Import Modafinil Into The UK Safely

generic modafinilNow obviously common sense must prevail here, so it’s important I make a couple of points right here.

First, try to buy from a reputable seller whose packaging is discreet and who are very general about listing what is in the package on the customs declaration form.

Second, just don’t be an idiot. If you buy a huge quantity of Modafinil to sell around your student union, then that package getting stopped by customs is going to potentially provoke a lot more attention. The argument of a small quantity for personal use, and arguing that you have an ongoing narcolepsy diagnosis in progress, is going to deter pretty much any potential for prosecution, but 4000 pills in one delivery is going to sink that argument.

So import a small quantity of the personal use and you should be okay. That’s the guideline, that’s what all the information shows, and until UK laws are tightened to specifically cover Nootropics such as Modafinil then you should be able to buy the stuff abroad.

The final point to be made about importing Modafinil into the UK here is around financial risk. Because it could be stopped at the border, either leaving its country of origin, or entering the UK, it could be seized and destroyed. So by ordering abroad you are taking a greater financial risk. To be honest, that’s the real risk here, when put it up against legality.

What Happens If My Modafinil Is Stopped By UK Customs?

Well that’s the million-dollar question, and I can only go by personal experience and the experiences of the hundreds of posts I Uk customs modafinil seizedhave read on sites like Reddit and specialist Nootropics forums. This of course is not legal advice, but it is based on weight of anecdotal evidence and a sensible interpretation of current UK laws and customs practices.

If you buy Modafinil overseas, let’s say for example you by 80 tablets of Modalert from an Indian seller, unless you are incredibly unlucky or a poor choice shopper, they will be discreetly packaged and ambiguous about labeling the customs declaration.

On reaching the UK border controls your package MAY be inspected, that’s the first important point here, it may not even get inspected and may just sale through customs.

If it is inspected it may not be picked up as something which is a controlled medication. Just the same as anywhere else, customs officials will turn a blind eye when they know the truth about something, or when they are short staffed or when they don’t care. So there are circumstances under which it could be inspected by customs and still pass through fine.

The second scenario is that your parcel of Waklert will be inspected and destroyed without even contacting you. Although this isn’t what should happen, there is lots of anecdotal evidence from the volume of delivery non-arrivals that it does.

But let’s play out the full worst-case scenario and say you are unlucky, and that your package of Modafinil is inspected by customs and picked up as a controlled medicine.

At this point, Customs and Excise will contact you and ask you to provide proof that you are legally entitled to import a controlled medicine into the UK.

You will be given the required amount of time to provide this proof, and if you don’t provide it then your package will be destroyed.

That’s it.

Nothing else is going to happen. The police are not going to turn up your door, you’re not going to be arrested, your mum’s not going to see you being dragged kicking and screaming out of your front door and into the back of a police van.

The bottom line is that I am yet to find a single instance of anybody being arrested for importing Modafinil into the UK.

The reason for this is as we have already covered. It is a legal gray area. And neither the UK Customs and Excise, or the UK police are going to chase a case that will involve hundreds of man-hours and large quantities of money to put John Doe in court because he imported 80 Modafinil pills to help him study more effectively.

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Modafinil UK: How To Buy Your Modafinil For Import Safely

import modafinil UKNow as we have already said, buying overseas is not going to be risk-free, and I want to make that point here again because I’m not suggesting that you can 100% guarantee you will receive your Modafinil if you order it from a reputable seller.

But you can hugely minimize the risk simply by ordering from a reputable overseas Modafinil seller.

We have tested these sellers personally and all have a good track record of delivery into the UK. This basically comes down to the seller doing 3 things:

  1. They actually posted it in the first place
  2. It was packaged discreetly
  3. The customs declaration was ambiguous

To help you stand the best chance of getting your Modafinil delivered through your letterbox, I’m closing this article with some links to valued, reputable online sellers of Modafinil who understand Modafinil UK legality, and have a great track record in minimizing the risk of your package getting stopped and destroyed by UK Customs.


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